Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring at Boundary Bay

Wet dog and a beautiful grey beach day.

Jackson and Kalli are two lovely dogs who live in Boundary Bay. I had a most lovely session playing with the two of them and snapping the afternoon away. Jackson kept an eye on me to make sure that I was never left behind while we walked.
Both these dogs are rescue dogs and are so madly in love with the amazing couple, Ashlie and Tim, who adopted them. I do not believe a dog could find a more idyllic life then in their lovely home. These dogs are honoured and cared for as friends.

It is very refreshing to take a walk to the beach with dogs in tow.

I love the feel of Boundary Bay and all its little nooks and crannies. How alluring is the beautiful blue door? Ashlie and Tim found this lovely door and it now adorns the entrance way into their backyard.
Thank you Jackson and Kalli for letting me play with you!

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