Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The last of the summer weddings

I am trying to get this little blog updated. I have a bit of a backlog, but it will be good to slowly catch up and reminisce about the summer. I can't believe it is finally fall. A chill is in the air, especially in the mornings which is wonderful as it reminds me of the change of season.

I finally handed off the wedding album to the last of my summer weddings. The wedding occurred on one of the final very warm days of summer. I was shooting at Century Gardens and Minoru Park again. It is nice to return to a familiar spot with completely different energy. The bride was stunning and again it is so nice to peek into the lives of others if only for a few hours.
Thank you Lenora and Dave for a great last hoorah before the season turned.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Why Not a Happy Parent Birthday?

One thing no one told me in all the advice given with my first pregnancy is how intense the loss of self can be. I traded one identity, that I had grown quite used to let me tell you, for a very new and different one. I was over the moon to become a mother, but I wish I had taken a little more time to acknowledge and honour my former self.

It is the most intense feeling to be 'on' all the time. I am only now coming out the other side and of course I will never be the person I once was, nor do I wish to be. For the last five years I have given my heart and soul to my children. They are at an age now when my baby needs me less and my oldest wishes for me to remain on the fringes, but still cuddle her to sleep every night.

I have mixed feelings about their new independence from me. On one side I am sentimental that the baby years are behind us, but at the same time I am excited to reclaim a little of my old self.

As the busy wedding and event season winds down and school has started I may just have a bit more time on my hands. I look forward to spending one on one time with my youngest, but also that when she naps ( I hope she continues for a little longer) that will be my time. I will try not to fill it with work, but just sit and have a coffee and perhaps even read...woohoo!!

I am writing this coming from a recent maternity shoot where I try to capture the essence of my clients, and mainly the mother-to-be, so that there in colour or black and white is the person/persons on the cusp of being a newly hatched parent.

We should celebrate the birth of the parent, mourn the loss of self and then completely give ourselves over to the child. Happy Parent Day to you!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Goodnight Mr.Pooh

I said goodbye tonight to a very dear old friend. Casey aka Misterpooh passed away after finally succumbing to a rare back ailment. We have been together for 16 years. If you will indulge me:
When I went to the animal shelter with no intention to adopt I saw the ugliest little white and brown young cat. I thought no one would ever take him home so I rashly adopted him. After about a month of hiding under surfaces he finally emerged and became my best buddy. He eventually grew into his nose and became a very large, very snuggleable gentleman.
Since having children I will admit that he was not doted on as much which makes me sad today. I did sleep on the livingroom floor last night with him as he could not use his back legs.
Our family said our goodbyes this evening with my four year old astonishing me once again with her candor and deep sensitivity. I must paint a painting with Mr.Pooh sitting in a litter box and all of us sitting on grey boxes around him. Flowers are strewn around the scene and it must be nicely framed. She made me laugh which was good at that moment. She then burst into another round of tears for her Casey who was such a nice cuddly cat. I concur.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Jill and Lisa Get Married

At some weddings I feel blessed enough to be one of the gang. Lisa and Jill and their whole support team made me feel that way last weekend. I will also say that this wedding was a candid photographer's dream. The antics were non-stop and silliness was everywhere.

Yet underneath all that silliness that Jill and Lisa are known for was a very deep passion that made everyone smile. These two ladies absolutely adore one another.

Lisa looking super hot and sexy with those shades on.

Jill danced her way into the room. Long before that fun wedding entrance video went viral on you tube, Jill had her routine planned out. It was the beginning of the antics. Once the ceremony started though, Jill became so serene and was so present for Lisa.

We took pictures in Century Gardens and if I could include them all I would. After every (remotely) serious photo they would all screw up their faces as if they were all in on some kind of inside joke. I just had the camera ready and snapped away.

The 'groomsmens' fantastic footwear.

They took a moment to themselves while the bridal party played.

The end of a fantastic night!