Saturday, March 27, 2010

My future partner

This amazing child is my future partner in crime. She has accompanied me on my less formal business meetings and is very engaged in anything that has to do with sweet earth. It is kind of cool that sometimes in her free play she is the owner and operator of her business company and takes this job very seriously.
When I am overwhelmed with balancing entrepreneur and mom I just think of this one and how I want to be a good role model for her. I know I have gone on about this idea before, but I really do need the reminders.
I am so blessed to have two incredible daughters.

My monkey

I spent the day on the seawall scouting out locations for an upcoming shoot in a couple of weeks. I was there with my little monkey and she indulged me which is not always a guarantee these days.

Taking photos of my kids and capturing their antics is my way of keeping hold of my memories. I am a very visual individual, but I do try to keep diaries for both my girls going. It is not always easy and their baby books are more their own personal photo albums as I do have to work with my strong points.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Free Play

Our first day of spring was spent with two little friends. After weeks of illness I was delighted in the excited chatter of adventure making as the four little ones engaged in story after story.
We spent the rest of the morning outside where the backyard became a treasure field where the adventurers discovered jewels and artifacts from summers gone by.
Now I just have to find a way to return my garden ornaments to their homes outside without upsetting the princess.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Signs of spring

We made birds this weekend from fabric paper and food colouring. Both kids were fully engaged in this activity and we now have our own flock of wildlife out our front window.

First I cut out about a dozen birds.

My eldest used her science kit tray to mix the colours which she loved.

After days of sickness it was nice to see the kids getting involved in an activity. The end of spring break was all about recovery.

We recently set up a bird feeder at our back window which truly inspired this project. I have photos to paste of our visitors. Yesterday we even had a woodpecker at our feeder which was very exciting.
The kids are enthralled by birds and who wouldn't be. As we walk to school this coming week the buds are out on the trees and the birds are fruitful in them.

I have been in kid zone lately with little time for business which is always hard. It is wonderful being there for my kids, especially when they are under the weather, but this is also the time I need to continue to build and work on my still new business venture. I love, I struggle, and I continue on.

Spring Break Summary

I don't know how it started but my kids have an addiction to the coffee shop. My littlest one especially. I do not remember my eldest mentioning going to the coffee shop at every opportunity even though we hung out a lot in coffee shops when she was younger.
They love their soy hot chocolates.
I just want to say that this soy latte pictured above was seriously the best soy latte I have ever tasted. This is from JJ's on the Drive and I have had them there before, but never at this level. It was so amazingly perfect and it really did set our day off fantastically.

We headed to Burnaby Museum for a scavenger hunt with some friends. It was really quite freezing that day with snow falling earlier. What I didn't realize was that the museum was open for this special occassion but not with all the facilities in operation which was a little disappointing. We shall have to make a return trip in the late spring.

I didn't know I could actually become nauseous on a carousel. This one clocks in at 7mph which is actually quite fast. It didn't help that I had a camera to my eye almost the whole time. I sat out the next round and the kids just kept getting back on.

This is the kind of horse that could haunt my dreams.

I love a young child's view of hopscotch. The skill to properly execute a hopscotch game must come in late kindie or grade 1. Who knew it could be so amusing to watch little ones try to negotiate between a single hop to a straddle.

The best part of course is just being present with so much silliness. I just love the colour array to this bunch too.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I am in a little bit of a funk. I think this always happens to me in February. Now as it is March I am slowly emerging from the darkness of winter and acknowledging the many signs of spring which always means rebirth.
I need to spend more time with just me and my camera and get in tune with my creative side again. It is hard to balance the work for others and the need to play.
It is coming... I can feel it.