Friday, November 27, 2009

A day of hooky

I pulled my kid from kindie and we snuck out to the aquarium. She kept missing out on our little adventures.

Clownfish cove is a great spot to chill for ages. Eldest daughter teamed up with about 4 other kids in her age bracket and had a great adventure for over an hour. Littlest one is here waiting to be rescued by the rescue team. She is a little hermit crab in trouble. She patiently waited here for the older girls to remember they sent her here to wait for them.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Grassroots Wedding Fair plans in order.

The wedding fair plans continue. It really is quite an exciting pursuit. I am on the greatest learning curve of my life, well maybe not, I am mother of two after all....but I digress.

I am meeting so many amazing and creative people on this adventure. Everyone I talk to is also so excited about this event. I have a team of volunteers ready to go at the calling and the exhibitors helpful, so inspiring and ingenious with their ideas. I almost have all the tables booked which is a relief and now will work gathering all the bits and bobs that will decorate the hall and bring order to this event. Insurance and liquor licenses are not that exciting, but oh so necessary.

I will be very pleased to watch the evolution of this event over the coming years. My mind is constantly ticking away with ideas and what about a province wide event with stops on the Island, in the Okanagan....the Kootenays? We shall see where this event takes me.

Monday, November 23, 2009

November Wedding

I was lucky enough to be asked to shoot a wedding for a couple who are only just in Vancouver and who are not used to such dark cold days. Amazingly enough the ceremony occurred on the one day that the rains did not come. It was cold, but the reprieve from the wet was well met by us.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hot band in the cool of November - Simmer

I finally had the chance to shoot some promotional photos for the eclectic trio, Simmer. These three musicians are hard to categorize into one style of music. The three of them all come from different backgrounds combining jazz, reggae, rock and world music. All three of them work on other projects as well, but they come together to infuse new meaning into music.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


I spent the day at the Baby and Toddler Fair, which was a bit of bust as very few people showed. A lot of vendors had to cancel at the last minute due to illness so perhaps it is just the flu shutting down the neighbourhood. Bobs and Lolo played to an almost empty crowd at their second set.

It was my first official and proper showing at a tradeshow event so today was a little disappointing. It is still a good experience to show up, set up, meet and greet vendors and the public.

My husband brought the kids in the afternoon to see the show, but eldest wanted her face painted and spent the rest of the time scooting around on the pedalless bikes.

Oh, a feel a few tangents trying to break in here.

Bahhh... here is daughter at bath time tonight. I was told I must take a photo of her lovely dragon before it was washed away. She has a thing with dragons right now. The daughter who I thought would remain a princess forever is branching out and is now a fan of dragons; so much so that at 6:00 am this morning woke up screaming from a nightmare and I ran to her side only to find out that her nightmare involved her little sister drawing on her dragon picture that she had been working on in her dream. oh the joys of four year olds. She also has a thing about recording bizarre things that I want to throw out or recycle. She is a very visual person and a packrat to the extreme. She must be an old soul. You cannot imagine the odd things I have had to take a pictures of.
This is a bit rambly tonight. I just wanted to post the photo. No need for a long intro.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Rain rain go away....

I am just doing some editing tonight and I came across these photos from last month. They are simple photos, but something about these two photos really draws my attention in. Perhaps it is because I like boots a lot.

Besides feet on their own, I really like to take pictures of boots. I have a collection of my daughter's boots from each season as they grow and hop into new ones.

Baby and Toddler Fair

Come and visit us at The Baby and Toddler Fair this Sunday at the Croatian Cultural Centre.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

My kids have been pretty sick this past 10 days. Who knows if it was H1N1 or not. They are on the mend, but we had to keep Halloween pretty low key. As we made three trips to the pumpking patch this year we had a lot of pumpkins to catch up on before the trick or treating began.

As the day was absolutely gorgeous we all took turns on our assembly line decorating our jack o'lanterns in the sunlight streaming into the kitchen.

Daughter wanted to be a vampire princess so she is here practising her fangs.