Sunday, November 8, 2009


I spent the day at the Baby and Toddler Fair, which was a bit of bust as very few people showed. A lot of vendors had to cancel at the last minute due to illness so perhaps it is just the flu shutting down the neighbourhood. Bobs and Lolo played to an almost empty crowd at their second set.

It was my first official and proper showing at a tradeshow event so today was a little disappointing. It is still a good experience to show up, set up, meet and greet vendors and the public.

My husband brought the kids in the afternoon to see the show, but eldest wanted her face painted and spent the rest of the time scooting around on the pedalless bikes.

Oh, a feel a few tangents trying to break in here.

Bahhh... here is daughter at bath time tonight. I was told I must take a photo of her lovely dragon before it was washed away. She has a thing with dragons right now. The daughter who I thought would remain a princess forever is branching out and is now a fan of dragons; so much so that at 6:00 am this morning woke up screaming from a nightmare and I ran to her side only to find out that her nightmare involved her little sister drawing on her dragon picture that she had been working on in her dream. oh the joys of four year olds. She also has a thing about recording bizarre things that I want to throw out or recycle. She is a very visual person and a packrat to the extreme. She must be an old soul. You cannot imagine the odd things I have had to take a pictures of.
This is a bit rambly tonight. I just wanted to post the photo. No need for a long intro.

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