Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Grassroots Wedding Fair plans in order.

The wedding fair plans continue. It really is quite an exciting pursuit. I am on the greatest learning curve of my life, well maybe not, I am mother of two after all....but I digress.

I am meeting so many amazing and creative people on this adventure. Everyone I talk to is also so excited about this event. I have a team of volunteers ready to go at the calling and the exhibitors are...wow...so helpful, so inspiring and ingenious with their ideas. I almost have all the tables booked which is a relief and now will work gathering all the bits and bobs that will decorate the hall and bring order to this event. Insurance and liquor licenses are not that exciting, but oh so necessary.

I will be very pleased to watch the evolution of this event over the coming years. My mind is constantly ticking away with ideas and what about a province wide event with stops on the Island, in the Okanagan....the Kootenays? We shall see where this event takes me.

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