Monday, March 15, 2010

Signs of spring

We made birds this weekend from fabric paper and food colouring. Both kids were fully engaged in this activity and we now have our own flock of wildlife out our front window.

First I cut out about a dozen birds.

My eldest used her science kit tray to mix the colours which she loved.

After days of sickness it was nice to see the kids getting involved in an activity. The end of spring break was all about recovery.

We recently set up a bird feeder at our back window which truly inspired this project. I have photos to paste of our visitors. Yesterday we even had a woodpecker at our feeder which was very exciting.
The kids are enthralled by birds and who wouldn't be. As we walk to school this coming week the buds are out on the trees and the birds are fruitful in them.

I have been in kid zone lately with little time for business which is always hard. It is wonderful being there for my kids, especially when they are under the weather, but this is also the time I need to continue to build and work on my still new business venture. I love, I struggle, and I continue on.

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