Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Jill and Lisa Get Married

At some weddings I feel blessed enough to be one of the gang. Lisa and Jill and their whole support team made me feel that way last weekend. I will also say that this wedding was a candid photographer's dream. The antics were non-stop and silliness was everywhere.

Yet underneath all that silliness that Jill and Lisa are known for was a very deep passion that made everyone smile. These two ladies absolutely adore one another.

Lisa looking super hot and sexy with those shades on.

Jill danced her way into the room. Long before that fun wedding entrance video went viral on you tube, Jill had her routine planned out. It was the beginning of the antics. Once the ceremony started though, Jill became so serene and was so present for Lisa.

We took pictures in Century Gardens and if I could include them all I would. After every (remotely) serious photo they would all screw up their faces as if they were all in on some kind of inside joke. I just had the camera ready and snapped away.

The 'groomsmens' fantastic footwear.

They took a moment to themselves while the bridal party played.

The end of a fantastic night!

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