Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Goodnight Mr.Pooh

I said goodbye tonight to a very dear old friend. Casey aka Misterpooh passed away after finally succumbing to a rare back ailment. We have been together for 16 years. If you will indulge me:
When I went to the animal shelter with no intention to adopt I saw the ugliest little white and brown young cat. I thought no one would ever take him home so I rashly adopted him. After about a month of hiding under surfaces he finally emerged and became my best buddy. He eventually grew into his nose and became a very large, very snuggleable gentleman.
Since having children I will admit that he was not doted on as much which makes me sad today. I did sleep on the livingroom floor last night with him as he could not use his back legs.
Our family said our goodbyes this evening with my four year old astonishing me once again with her candor and deep sensitivity. I must paint a painting with Mr.Pooh sitting in a litter box and all of us sitting on grey boxes around him. Flowers are strewn around the scene and it must be nicely framed. She made me laugh which was good at that moment. She then burst into another round of tears for her Casey who was such a nice cuddly cat. I concur.

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