Friday, August 21, 2009

Performance in the Park

We finally made it out to a Performance in the Park. What a great idea!! Douglas Park was packed with families all hanging out and listening to music.
I remember hearing about the weekly summer events way back in June, but as my husband plays Ultimate on a Thursday night, we hadn't had the chance to attend until his season was over.
I believe we still have one week left before the series end. We shall be back next week although I think I will pack some snacks as the children were ravenous. Perhaps it was the lovely nighttime air, but there is only so much pizza that a little one should eat. It would have been great if the 'concession' sold veggies hotdogs as well, but overall they did have a good selection of easy dinnerables.
We rode our bikes to the park, wet our toes in the wading pool, listened to some tunes, ate some dinner and then played in the park. What more could we want from a summer night out with the fam.

Max entertained the crowd.

I love it when my kids feel brave enough to go up front and dance. It is something I was to terrified to participate in as a child. It appears their dad was too as he didn't vollunteer to sing, 'we are girls, not ladies' or something like that. These dad did a fine job though:

The sky was so lovely with the streaks of clouds that night.

I am not sure where my eldest daughter gets her performing abilities from, but she is always on. Growing up as a rather shy child I am reliving my childhood vicariously through her. I can see what it is like being an extrovert. So far she has little fear of being the centre of attention. I am very proud of her confidence. I will do what I can to ensure she maintains it.

The child finally collapses in fatigue. The singing adventure is over. Now it is time to recoup our energy at the park. Yipee!

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Veronika said...

That event is so awesome. I try to make it to each one of them with the kids, but usually make it only to one of them a year. Haha. Wish Burnaby had something like that going on a regular basis.
Great photos of the kids.