Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Little Monkeys together again

This past weekend we of course had our big talent night party, but the festivities were not limited to only one night. We had 3 out of town families staying at our humble abode. Now, I live in a little old house that thankfully has a large backyard. In total we were a home of 15 people. My husband and I slept outside in our tent which I think was the coolest place to sleep.

Because our dear friends are out of town it always amazes me how our children simply jump back in where they last left off. When children are little their familial memories are not that strong, or are they? These two monkeys have not seen each other for a month and rarely see each other more than a handful of times a year, yet despite their young age they have a very strong and intense friendship. They completely engage one another in play and have done so since before they could walk. I love that they have one another while their older siblings develop their own relationships. Perhaps being younger children they understand companionship more.

I can't wait to see how their friendship develops over the years. I do not have childhood friends that I see anymore. My oldest friend is from highschool. Perhaps the distance is what helps. We are completely in each other's spaces for days when we visit one another. We make up for the time in between visits.

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