Monday, August 3, 2009

Talent Night in My Backyard.

I am very grateful for the people I have around me.

This past weekend we celebrated the 2nd Annual Triple Birthday Extravaganza. This event is started last year as two friends and I all have birthdays 3 days in a row. The event is a talent show in my backyard. Again I was completely blown away by the creativity and boldness of everyone who participated....and let me just say that to come to the party you had to perform.
I am not a performer and no one who attended was, although you wouldn't guess it from the acts. The calibre of all the acts was phenomenal.
This is a family event and I love that my kids get to see me be really silly and perform themselves if they wish. This year we had just over a dozen kids and most of them were up on stage with the rest of us. The number of acts this year took us into the darkness. It is handy being a photographer as I had my studio lights up as darkness arrived and so we even had spotlights on our stage.( the stage being beneath my clotheslines with sheets and lights)
I have a grand vision that in a few years that we rent a cabin or a camp for the weekend and descend to celebrate birthdays, friendship and our amazing extended family and entertain one another by bringing out our inner divas.

It means a great deal that my family and my friends can gather together and celebrate life. We all put ourselves out there and trusted that we would be cheered for and laughed with. Last year I sang and I only sing for my girls at bedtime. It is something I was always curious about and know I have done it. I am not sure a song will be in my future again, but you never know. This year I pulled out an old skit from summer camp to wrap up the night and I joined in the laughter of the crowd.

Our gracious MC and future stand up comedian.

A face from the Family Circus Performers.

hooray for ABBA!!

My child playing the Ukelele and accompanying her singing Nanan.

She was allowed to stay up late until the stars came out. My child is a born performer, I believe, and I hope that events such as these fuel that amazing imagination that bubbles away inside her lovely head.

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