Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Raspberries for my birthday

I celebrated another year this weekend. I can't actually even remember how old I am....my brain is too hot to do the math.
So, all I wanted to do was to pick raspberries this year and of course I wanted to head to The Reef for dinner.
We went to Emma Lea's Farm and I will definitely be heading back next year. The raspberries were absolutely massive and so yummy. At one point in our hunt for the good stuff I felt as if I had just jumped into a giant raspberry jam jar. The smell was overpowering, not that I was complaining. Raspberries are my favourite berry closely followed by blueberries. The kids also had a great time. We have bushes in our backyard so even my little one knows which one are ready. My husband and I worked the higher branches while the girls uncovered the lower treasures. These raspberries were so big and easy to grab. I meant to ask the variety because I would love to plant them.
I am quite in love with Westham Island. We have very seasonal destinations there, although not a summer one. Now we will visit more often. In the fall we go to the Herb Farm for our pumpkin, and in spring and winter we go to watch the birds at the Sanctuary.

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