Sunday, July 12, 2009

Love in your own backyard.

I am organizing a green wedding fair in January 2010 at the Heritage Hall. It is quite the endeavor I am undertaking, but I am passionate about green choices and about supporting local artisans and business owners. I just confirmed the domain name and now I must get to work on the website. I am placing an article in the Green Zebra Guide,, that will come out in September.
I have very grand plans for this wedding fair and I will just state for the record that this is not a high-end event. This will be about supporting community and the environment. It will be filled with homemade, handmade, and creative artists who can help bring more meaning to weddings. It will also showcase environmental business as well as associations. I am so excited!!!
I will update with any major changes, but this is the first post about this event and it feels great to have something to show for it. The above logo is a beautiful piece of artwork designed by April Lacheur who I met at a craft fair in the fall. To see more of her work check out her website at:

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