Monday, July 20, 2009

A family weekend south of the border.

My husband is an aficionado of beer. ( He is quite the brewmaster himself) He prefers craft beers over anything else and after we visited the Washington Beer Festival for father's day he learned of the Boundary Bay Brewing Co. located just over the border in Bellingham. Now we have become quite fond of Bellingham in the last few years as their old town is very cool and full of unique stores, organic restaurants and great markets in both summer and winter. Now we have a new destination.

Waiting for lunch to arrive. My kids walk into any restaurant and act like they own the joint. I think we take them out to eat too much.

The husband is finally captured on the blog. I think this look is because my lunch time beverage is starting to affect me.

The Boundary Bay Brewing Co. had a fantastic menu with healthy options for the all us which I find hard sometimes when looking for healthy kid choices. I had a great tofu sandwich on beer bread and hmmm I can't actually remember what anyone else had. The above beverage is probably why I can't remember what anyone else had. My husband has fully educated me on beer and I think I have quite refined taste when it comes to enjoying the stuff. I had an Imperial Oatmeal Stout and I didn't realise it would pack quite the punch. It was very yummy and it was a good thing I was not driving.

We saw the Decemberists that night in Marymoor Park, but alas, I did not bring my camera although I could have which made me very sad. The concert was exceedingly cool.

Ballard was our next destination and again we wandered the old part of town which is always so much more vibrant than the newer my opinion.

This was a very cool parking lot of all places and I could have easily set up shop here. A skylight let in the most amazing light and the whole space was simply full of character.

The oldest made me take a picture of the horse. She is actually directing quite a few images lately. I have given her my old holga so she can start snapping away. I had a fisher price digital for her, but I found it unreliable. I will soon post her images as I love her outlook.

A very hot dog on a very hot day.

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