Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Salmon bbq and potlatch of generosity.

I spent the most lovely evening photographing a beautiful First Nations event. The evening was perfect and so full of wonder. I was made to feel so at home and chatted with many of the guests. I hung out with Ray a lot of the evening as he manned the salmon prep and helped with the bbq. Let me just say that the salmon absolutely melted in my mouth. He was constantly playing with the wasps as he cut each salmon. He was only stung twice.

This is Hattie from Hazelton. I quite enjoyed chatting with her. She came all the way down on her own. She looks after two little girls back home. I told her that she must be pretty amazing to have the stamina. She laughed and agreed that yes, the girls did have a lot of excess energy.

The night was steeped in tradition and I felt honoured to be a witness.

The bannock was unbelievable and I forced myself to only have two pieces.

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