Thursday, July 16, 2009

Night out on the Drive

I do not get out very much and to combine photography with a night of entertainment is rare and welcomed. Tonight I watched Simmer, a band comprised of Richard Brown on drums, Matt Reid on guitar and Sharon Minemoto on keyboard. They played at Falconetti's on the Drive. The restaurant is very narrow and the band was playing at the back almost completely darkened and it was also very hot, but I did manage to capture a few pics.

I will be working on promotional band pictures with Simmer in the very near future so it was finally great to meet the band and hear them up close. All the members of the band come from very diverse backgrounds and I believe this adds to the eclectic jazz sounds that they create.
I recommend checking them out. Richard Brown has a website, but as the band is new they do not yet have their own. To find out more info on Richard check out his myspace page at:

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Veronika polanska said...

Love your pictures. Not just from the night out but all that I saw on your blog. Sorry that I am not being very articulate. Just got home and it is almost 1AM.
It was great to meet you.