Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Deer Lake Park and the girls.

I have been working a lot of crazy hours lately and to be honest I have been cranky mom the last few days. After dealing with a bit of business in the morning we headed out to Deer Lake to have a look around. Now, this wasn't completely a work-free day as I needed to check out Century Gardens for a wedding I have coming up, but we still hung out together for hours and I completely surrended myself to them in the playground. A day like today is actually good for all of us as all our needs are met.

Again, I have stated before that it is hard to find the balance when trying to start up a successful business and stay well-connected to my kids, and also to remain sane. When I read about moms working from home I cannot imagine how they do it. I find it difficult and rarely get any work done. To find time for the kids, the husband, the home, the business leaves me exhausted and then when do I sit and relax myself.

I am feeling a bit guilty lately as I know school is approaching and eldest child will be in full days. I will have nap times again to do things. I am wondering if I can ship the littlest one of to some kind of care for a few hours a week. I want to treasure the moments that I have with the kids, not try to strategically figure out how to get a bit of work done. I know soon enough they won't want to hang with their mom or they will be so busy with their friends and their own lives. I do not want to regret this time. Where is my fairy godmother to grant me more time and still spend the time I need with my family and earn an income.

I finally put a few rolls of film in this morning to get developed and picked up some more. Daughter is totally getting the film versus digital aspect to this camera. She understands so much more than I thought. I can't wait to see her photos. I want her to see them too. She is quite good at framing. I try not to teach her too much about technique and lighting as she is still so young and I don't want to annoy her. I have a tendency to do that anytime I try to instruct her.

It was a great day of discovery and exploration.

I spent my latter childhood near Deer Lake so it was kind of cool to put my feet back in the water. I remember when you could still swim in it...that was a very long time ago. We decided we must come back and rent boats and tootle around.

It amazes me how the urge to climb overpowers my kids. Not too long ago my oldest was so hesitant to try anything risky, yet after a year of gym and a stick swing in our backyard she has such powerful little arms and the drive to conquer any climbing structure.

Baba is trying to keep up with the big sis.

I tried to get them to smile for the perfect picture, but they are monkeys. I guess this is them in their more natural state.


kelly said...

Out of the hundreds dare I say thousands of pictures of the girls, these photos are spectacular. Not just because they are of the family - but truly great photos!

Mandy said...

Your thoughts about work-life balance really resonate with me. Thanks for sharing. Yes, this time when they are young just makes me want to have more days in the week too. I have been admiring one mom that I read about who was bold enough to bring her children into her business life with her, basically saying, they are a part of my life too and it is not unprofessional to be a mother. I'm still working up that courage...might never get there though :) These photos are amazing.