Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Faerie Wings and sunshine

This blog is my own personal domain these days. I hope by the end of the week I shall have the divide established between business photography and more personal mom-as-a-photographer-blog. I seem to be having a few issues figuring out the little details on my new blog. It shall be done though!

And so on this note why note celebrate summer with a most dazzling faerie party hosted in my very faerie backyard on a beautiful sunny day.

These very yummy cupcake pops were courtesy of Something Sweet for You, a local bakery run by the lovely Kristie. I asked for no dyes or artificial colouring which she accomplished wonderfully with green tea coloured icing accenting the white chocolate cupcakes.
The children devoured them!

With my husband in charge of the faerie wings we were all set.

Magical snakes, crowns, running unicorns, were just some of the crafts on hand to keep the little ones busy.

My child flying through the air as she does most days, practising her arial ballet.

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Audra Colpitts said...

My wedding season has come to an end as well. Looking forward to the break and gearing up for next year. Enjoy your time off with your family! :)