Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Little Honesty Never Hurt Anyone

I have attempted in this blog to keep a professional appearance, but I think I need to be a little more realistic about my life and my business. As a mother of two crazy little ones life can be a little hard to balance.
What I learn in terms of photographing kids comes first from my girls and then is reinforced as I apply those techniques with families when I photograph them. I owe a lot to my daughters.
I am very grateful to be a mother and a small business owner. When I chose to follow my dream and start my business it was so that they could see their mother facing her goals and fulfilling them and not staying stuck in a nine to five office job that had no soul. Some days I revel in the creativity that photography allows me. The other days I slog through the administrative duties that running a business requires. It was not easy switching from being an employee and knowing exactly what the job entailed to being my own boss. I was very good at my previous profession. Now I work everyday at making my business successful.

So, after a stressful week I reset myself. Some days I have to forgo the paperwork and have some very silly playtime with my little monkeys.

Again I say that I did this not only for myself but for them and they do keep me grounded.

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lyndsay said...

heehee! this series is awesome!! what a cutie, and full of personality... !