Thursday, April 9, 2009

Yaletown Baby and Toddler Fair

The Yaletown Baby and Toddler Fair was a great event to meet small local businesses who cater to the needs of young families. I met a lot of amazing craftor moms. Carrie Randall organized the event in record time and will continue to bring innovative baby fairs to the lower mainland. Her next event is in Langley May 2nd. To reach her and find out more about these events check out:

Fruitcakes is a company that makes amazing food and focuses on specialty baking. Their words: 'Fruitcakes mission is to bring the benefits of eating a raw food diet to the mainstream'. Sign me up! I will be talking to them in the very near future. They are available for small events and specialty orders. To find out more information they have a facebook group or reach them at
I loved these little dolls.
To find more information about Dolly n' Boo go to:

To find more about these lovely little critters from Hudsonny check them out at: and their etsy site at:

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