Sunday, January 3, 2010

Fort Worden Part 2 - Discovery

Here are images of our two days of exploring the old batteries and hidey-holes of Fort Worden. Now, I am a pacifist by nature, but I cannot deny the excitement of exploring the old tunnels and hallways of this wartime structure that never came close to actually seeing any real battle.
Fort Worden was barely used in its whole history and now acts as a meeting place for various groups and individuals looking for a getaway. Port Townsend has quite the artistic community and has actively used the Fort for workshops and other such creative ventures.

My dear friend hiking in very stylish yet ill-equiped footwear.

The two other mamas on this adventure.

Little one desperate to go to those same places where the big kids venture to.

My little one on her very excellent carriage.

For the kids this place was the perfect adventure with underground bunkers and tunnels to explore. They all did so great with walking in the darkness with just their headlamps to guide them.

Of course, geo-caching was amongst the activities of the day.

I cannot help to try to capture this one's serious face of scepticism in my picture taking.

My eldest was very concerned that I would not end up stepping in this hole.

And up she goes with no fear. Me, I am trying to allow the tether strings to be stretched on this adventure.

My little one before she is strapped in to her harness for the morning shift.

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