Sunday, January 3, 2010

Fort Worden Part 3 - Our officer's quarters

Leading away from our house into the wilds of the Fort is a path that speaks of adventure.
We didn't always need to leave our humble abode to find adventure. I do not believe our children stayed still very long this holiday time. They had each other to keep their imaginations rich.

Our home for three nights is just in the background. I can't seem to help posting these photos in backwards.

Again the antics of these two little ones constantly amaze me. It is not easy being the mom and not being needed for 4 days. As long as they were fed and sung to sleep my kids kept themselves pretty busy.

These two existed in their own little world.

This stairwell alone was the source of amazing adventures.

And what about the little hide outs? I cannot stress enough how kid friendly this space was. The little ones found more than one secret hideout.

Friends reunited. I wonder how their friendship will unfold. They slip into their little world so effortlessly. It humbles me.

Oh how I love to just sit and watch my kids. Okay, photograph too when they let me....

Our festive abode.

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