Friday, May 14, 2010

Craft Brew Week - An evening with Upright Brewing

I just want to start out by saying thank you to my darling husband for the invite to accompany him to one of the many inaugural Vancouver Craft Brewing Week events.

Tonight's festivities were hosted by Upright Brewing and the Irish Heather. I will say now that I had so much fun and I can't wait to wander through Gastown again as so many very interesting venues have opened up as of late.

My husband is a bit of a craft beer afficianado. He brews his own amazing beer and has visions of one day opening up his own brewery. After a recent trip to Portland to suss out the local brews there I myself am quite educated and was ready to fully enjoy this evening of food and beer pairing.
The evening began at Shebeen a most excellent whiskey bar hidden in behind the Irish Heather. I was very pleased to visit the Irish Heather again as my last visit was at it's old location which was many moons ago.

The final game between Montreal and Pittsburg which was a fantastic way to begin our beer tasting.

Woohooo!!! we all know what happens here. I was standing beside the wife of Upright Brewing's owner and we snuck in bits of hockey talk and Canadian culture.

This is the first beer and it was quite lovely. I believe it was a pilsner. Upright Brewing specializes in Belgian inspired beers. My only complaint was that this little glass was all that was offered. I did understand though that Upright did not bring limitless quantities of beer and they did have a second evening event planned. Our conclusion for next year is to come to the second night!

Our dinner was served long table style at The Salty Tongue and I will definitely be heading back to that deli to check out their daytime vibe. I loved the surroundings.
We sampled two different beers with our meal and ... arghh... I can't remember! They were numbered and... nope, no memory. I did enjoy them though!

The owner of Upright Brewing, Alex Ganum, letting us in on some secrets which of course I can't remember as I do not get out much and I really was quite enjoying the festivities.

We finished our course at salt, just across the road in Blood Alley. Super yummy cheeses and copious amounts of bread and crackers greeted us with ample beer to wet our pallettes. Nice!

I loved salt and I will return. As I said before, I had so much fun visiting all these places and with glimpses of many more we will be arranging a babysitter in the near future so we can keep the good times comin'.

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Rose Dykstra said...

hm, i have heard of this place and wouldn't mind checking them out. looks like a really fabulous spot and i love the wine glass shots!