Friday, May 14, 2010

My wee bro...

He would probably hate to find out I posted any pictures of him, but then perhaps he should be checking in with his big sister's blog to see what she is up to in the land of photography. He sat for me and I believe that is an open invitation in his case.
My children absolutely adore my brother; sometimes so much that I feel as if I am a second thought. I love it though.

My brother gives me many a Monday as a catch up day. He spends time with his daughter on this magical day and the monkeys play together. It helps that they are the same age. Our little tribe of women will be welcoming a new being soon... and this new face will be a boy!

Thank you my dearest brother for your devotion to my children. I am so pleased that the three girls are so devoted to each other. I guess that says a lot about our relationship too. You are the whole package and offer me support in every fathomable way!

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