Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Just a quick note to all the fellow Moms out there. Happy Mother's Day to all. I feel like poo today as I am down with the flu, but my kids gave me the best hugs this morning and I have spent the last half hour watching them perform dances in the kitchen. What could be a better mother's day present than that. I would like to get out to EPIC this afternoon so perhaps a quick power nap will help restore my energy. A walk along the seawall with my family is something to look forward to and I can receive a good dose of sunshine before the rains return.

We did manage to get out. I really enjoyed EP!C and met a lot of very cool businesses. Having the kids play area was perfect and the amount of bikes present kept my husband very happy. The area around the Convention Centre is quite lovely. I will be shooting a wedding around there next weekend and if it rains I definitely be visiting that corner of the waterfront.

Now I just need to get myself to bed early. It seems so easy, but I am a glutton for self punishment and enjoy my quiet nights too much.

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