Sunday, May 31, 2009

My little baba turned 2

We could not have asked for a better day to spend out in the garden to celebrate my little one turning 2. We have witnessed a number of birthdays lately so she understood that it was her turn and that yes, she would be sung 'Happy' to.
As I knew I would run out of time to prepare I had some help in the cake making department and the entertainment end of things. I couldn't narrow the photos down and have indulged in posting quite a few of that day.

This is a prime example of familial love. It makes my heart want to break.

Feeding the big sis bunny a carrot.

Dana Miller graciously fit us in her busy schedule to come out and do face painting. I met her at the Baby and Toddler Fair last month and saw how amazing she was. She uses very safe paint imported from Sweden ( I think) and it washes off so easily (not that I was allowed to right away). She can be contacted at or through her website at: I highly recommend her and have asked her to come to my birthday party later this summer as we are having an outdoor costumed performance night!

And now for the yummy bits! I came across Lyndsay's blog,, one day and fell in love with her cupcakes. I wanted cupcakes that tasted as if they were truly homemade. I did ensure everyone that, no, it was not me who made the cupcakes.
I ordered the 'Berry Good' mini cupcakes which had swirls of berries right inside them and came with a vanilla buttercream icing and topped with the most amazingly yummy raspberries. The kids absolutely loved them and of course so did the adults. I will be using her services again. Now I just have to make up a reason why.
Lyndsay's website is:

Baba is completely mesmorized by the crowd singing her 'happy birthday'.

They didn't last long.

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lyndsay said...

shona! absolutely adorable pictures... your sweet bryn is sooo cute... lucky birthday girl with a beautiful outdoor party, and face paint and crown!! amazing... thank you for sharing her birthday online, i'm so happy the cupcakes were a hit!

lyndsay :)