Tuesday, May 12, 2009

"The Story of Stuff" - http://www.storyofstuff.com/

I received this update from twitter and this video is absolutely mind numbing, but as I watched it made me feel better about many of the choices I make in my life and gave me more incentive to continue the battle to become more green.
When I was younger I was involved in the activist community, but as I settled into parenthood I had less time to be active in the community. I would have thought the opposite would have happened. Then again, perhaps I have turned it into an internal battle.
I have many discussions with my daughter about many of the decisions we make as a family. She understands why we do not allow certain toys into the house and that we avoid any character laden items. She knows about working conditions in China and how much effort it to takes to get an item to Canada. I cannot say on what level she understands, but she doesn't fight me on the purchasing of toys and gifts.
She is only 4, but this is all she knows.
I am thwarted at some birthday parties when she attends as a guest and I see the longing in her eyes and in her whine to keep the crap that is given out.
Yet, I think one day she will come to respect and understand these decisions and I hope contribute to making our community stronger.
Oh, I could go on a lot on this subject. This post is about "The Story of Stuff" and I am all about keeping it local and keeping it green.

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