Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pirates are no more...

Last year a new power pole appeared on our front boulevard. After it killed a lovely patch of grass someone simply came and took it away. A few months ago a new power pole appeared and began to kill the grass again that was just starting to feel better about itself.

Well, the pole installing people actually appeared!! Wow!!! We had no warning, but hey, I was excited. The no notice was a problem when I heard a knock on the door and in my housecoat (it was early) I answered it only to be told that I had to move my car now and that the power would be out for most of the day. Thanks!
After I rushed out looking fabulous in my get up and with my lovely bed head to move the car we settled in to watch the installation. I also made sure every power assisted action was taken care of, most importantly, coffee was made.

My oldest has a deep fascination with actions that are elaborate and very involved. She sat at the window and watched with intent as each step took place. I tried to let go of my fears that the crane would somehow drop the pole and send it crashing through our living room window or that the power lines would come to life and whip around in a frenzy injuring everyone and scarring my child psychologically for life.
The workers loved having an audience and gave the girls waves and smiles.

So the pole is installed, but now my children are in mourning. Gone is the plank that pirates pushed them off of, gone is the highwire that very brave young girls crossed while performing for the world and gone is a very fun seat to watch the (very quiet) antics of the neighbourhood.