Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bridge to a Cool Planet - favourite pics!

Bridge to a Cool Planet was a great event to be a part of. It made me feel powerful in terms of making change.

In my university days I considered myself quite the activist, but family and life in general kind of slowed me down on that front. Last weekend brought me back to a good place.
I am posting some of my favourite images of the day from a creative stand point. My facebook page has more and the organizers have even more than that.

This young woman was probably the most photographed individual of the walk. I was among 6 other vollunteer photographers for the Bridge to a Cool Planet organization and in the late morning before most of the fellow walkers arrived we kept circling her and taking her picture. It was quite amusing actually.... the amount of cameras on hand.

How can I not take her picture? I would love to be in that outfit. It is right up my alley. Can you see that she is sleeveless.... very brave woman here.

So many vollunteers helped out this day. Karma points all around, I say!

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