Monday, October 26, 2009

A rainy Sunday afternoon.

This is my superstar sister-in-law. The little one and I met up with her at the pumpkin patch and we took her home with us. Eldest daughter stayed home with dad as she was quite ill.
So Aunty C hung out with us all be young and have a whole day free and choose to chill with the gotta love the freedom.
She was unsure of how to help me while I was preparing our meal. As you can see, and as I told her, she was doing the most important job. While eldest daughter cuddled up and eventually fell asleep on her lap she entertained youngest for a good solid hour looking at pictures, asking questions, playing make believe, all on the couch in the quiet of the afternoon on a rainy Sunday. This is a gift.
Aunty C is Australian and has been here now for a year. Who knows when she will depart us to continue her exploration of the world. When she is gone it is a moment like this that I will remember and cherish. I hope we have many more.

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