Thursday, June 11, 2009


Just a reminder to all for the very exciting CAR FREE DAY across Vancouver on Sunday June 14th. I am hitting Main Street with the fam. Here is the website for any other information:


The family spent a most fantastic afternoon walking down Main Street for Car Free Day. It was hard to choose between the Drive and Main Street, but I think we did very well. We rode our bikes over and took in the vendors, the amazing musicians and the performers.

I was very excited to hear Miss Emily Brown serenading us with her amazing voice. I didn't realize she was back from her adventure back East. Her voice is absolutely incredible.

My child, of course, finds the faerie in the crowd and follows her.

Another fascinating individual for the children to watch. We ended up picking up two hoola hoops and the 4 year old is already quite competent at it.

My youngest found the skateboarders entrancing and we spent quite a bit of time watching them. I was pleased to see both sexes represented. Is it wrong to desire your child to be a skater?

I wish I caught the name of this band. They played between Starbucks and JJ Bean and man, they were great.

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