Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A new faerie entrance

I decided to completely take the day off today to spend it with the girls. It has been a bit hectic lately so this time was overdue.

We decided that a craft morning was in order so we constructed a new welcoming gate for the faerie garden. I had a lovely piece of beach wood that I have been saving for way too long and I picked up a few beautiful sounding bells from Maiwa yesterday at Granville Island.

It is low enough for the kids to just sneak under and any adult now has to ask permission from the faerie princess to enter and she announces your coming by ringing the bells.

I sat out there this afternoon while my oldest was at preschool and my youngest was asleep. The little bells are so gentle sounding as the breeze catches them.

We will have something special to show Dad when we comes home tonight.

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