Monday, June 22, 2009

To be humbled by the 'bump'.

Taking photos of those who are not that comfortable in front of the camera can be a most beautiful experience. I find that a true honesty comes through in the images I capture. I also find that if I am patient I can find the silliness or the pure beauty that each couple shares.
Maternity sessions rank very high in terms of moments of pure awe for me. I love capturing this very intimate time. I also see it as a last chance to catch the soul of a woman before she enters into motherhood. I know that is a little sexist, but the process of birthing a child changes women so completely. To be responsible for growing and then releasing a living being into the world is overwhelming, and I am speaking from personal experience and in my own opinion.
I am so grateful to be invited into the homes of those on the verge of parenthood. It is a touching and emotional experience for me. I very easily get caught up in the tender glances shown because I can just imagine what is going on in the minds of those behind my lens.

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